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Dreamy Seaside Bridal Portraits

The Puget Sound provided the coastal backdrop to this dreamy “bridal” session. As an avid traveler, I always love finding a local location and photographing it to feel like a romantic destination. Adventure sessions are some of my very favorite and for those who wish to venture out of doors, it’s extremely inspiring that bridals can be included in this category. On a gloriously clear day in Seattle, we took to the beach for our golden hour session.

Like a sail, the chiffon gown billowed in the breeze as the sun filtered through its gauzy fabric. To resemble ocean foam, Queen Anne’s Lace was selected for the lush single variety bouquet. Our “bride’s” luminous look is subtlety glamorous yet fresh, staying authentic to the organic landscape.

Inspired by the seaside and an understated approach, this shoot’s ethereal quality evokes the feelings of sentimental reverie. Walking along the shore she is like a radiant dream, soft yet vivid. Capturing photos in the water was a large part of my vision, and it’s sense of wonder and fairytale essence unfolded effortlessly as she waded deeper into the tide. She stood amidst the gently lapping waves and the sun shimmered on the water as it met the horizon.

Makeup & Hair: Jen Lagers / Bouquet: Rose Andrew Events / Model: Madeline Minkema / Gown: ASOS

to be featured on Once Wed

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