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Dunn Gardens Venue Tour

Dunn Gardens is a lovely venue situated in a quiet neighborhood. It's so peaceful to stroll along the paths and hear the call of birds. It host intimate weddings of up to 60 people. You might miss the entrance if you don't know what you're looking for, so once you spot the white fence between two houses, you've arrived. Signs to the parking area are clearly marked though the lot itself is somewhat small.

It's an all outdoor venue but the gardens have expansive lawns that can accommodate a tent set up.

The venue has a good number of its own chairs, tables, linens, and drink dispensers.

Two public restrooms are located on the side of the cottage. They do not have public dumpsters, so you'll be responsible to dispose of your own trash.

They do not have getting ready spaces.

I especially loved the paths behind the cottage. Much of the plants in bloom at the time (late August) gave an almost tropical garden vibe. It's a great spot with the paved walkways and not too visible if you're still taking portraits when guest start to arrive.

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